Monday, March 1, 2010

How can we not be happy in Cleveland w a Man v. Food visit?

I usually write about my travels away from Cleveland, not my adventures in my hometown, but I want to make an exception because of this b.s. that has Clevelanders in an uproar. Saturday was an AMAZING day, and I think it's a great illustration of awesome things that happen in our city.

First, Man v. Food filmed at Melt, which was incredible enough in itself, but I also got to meet Adam Richman! Phil and I have been huge fans of the show for the past two seasons, and even visited Hash House A Go Go when we went to Vegas in December because we salivated over the waffles Adam sampled on the show. So, I was pumped! (However, there is no way ever that I could eat 4 lbs. of grilled cheese, which is the Melt Challenge that Adam attempted.)

From Melt, we scrambled home to get ready for PlayhouseSquare's Jump Back Ball, an event I helped to plan (I was co-chair of ticket sales for this year's event). What a great night! The Spazmatics played some dynamite 80s tunes and everyone's outfits/costumes were great. We also ate delightful appetizers by Zack Bruell during the V.I.P. party before the event (even though I was still really, really full from our Melt outing). Mmmm.

So, a great night and a great example of how awesome Cleveland is! Holla!

UPDATE: read this blog for a great account by one of the Melt tattoo brothers of his experience during the filming Saturday:


  1. OMG - I LOVE HIM, I am so jealous!!! :) Great pic of the two of you! :)

  2. Thanks, girl! Sounds like you had a fun Saturday too with your friends.