Friday, March 5, 2010

My fav hotel reward programs

When I travel, I'm all about maximizing rewards...airline miles, hotel points, etc. When it comes to hotels, I heart Kimpton boutique hotels because of their fantastic amenities. I also participate in Marriott's rewards program, and have redeemed their free hotel rooms when in Paris, Raleigh for the Krispy Kreme Challenge and Dayton for March Madness (woo hoo). I'm "this close" to a Kimpton redemption.

While in Chicago a few weeks ago, I stayed at Hotel Monaco. I’ve never stayed at this location, but I’ve stayed at other Hotel Monacos in other cities (and other Kimpton-branded hotels) and loved them. I was cheerily greeted when I arrived, upgraded and given a card to redeem two mini bar items for free…despite my already steeply discounted rate. How's that for a welcome?! My room was immediately available and had a pretty bay window with a nice view...see above (the circular condos/parking building near the House of Blues has served as my beacon many times when visiting Chicago).

Many Kimpton hotels are green and they always offer great products like Aveda and L’Occitane in the room. Plus, they have daily free wine receptions, fun animal print bathrobes and offer complimentary items like fashion tape by request. I love staying in their hotels because they have a boutique feel, yet offer all the amenities and services (and then some) of a major hotel chain.

What about you? Where do you like to stay when you travel? Any travel reward programs that stand out to you?

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