Monday, September 27, 2010

There's a new sheriff in town and he's headed west

My new little traveling companion, Dylan (aka Mingus), arrived almost seven weeks ago. As I mentioned when I first announced on the interwebs that I was pregs, I was really looking forward to taking him out and about and planning his first trip. Then the little bugger rocked our world and it was hard to imagine how I'd ever feel comfortable enough to take him on a flight by myself and navigate with all of our gear. 

Now I'm starting to feel like I can handle it...maybe. Particularly after hearing how other new moms have tackled this challenge. Before I chickened out, I booked us a flight over the weekend for a trip to Dallas next month (my birthday month :)) to meet up with my friend Sarah (my mom hero) and her two girls at her parents' house. I'm really excited, but also slightly terrified about maneuvering Dylan, his stroller, car seat and diaper bag and my gear through the airport, not to mention keeping him comfortable on the flight. 

In terms of gear, so far he loves my Moby wrap (see above pic), so I plan to keep him in that on the flight. Our stroller (love, love, love our Bumbleride Indie) is thankfully a model that's compatible with a car seat, so that will be less to carry. And, I bought a cover for the stroller to minimize dirt when it's gate checked (all recs from Sarah).

Wish me luck on my quest to find Dylan the world's tiniest cowboy hat and stay tuned for pics of how we manage to fit three car seats in the back of Sarah's parents' car...