Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello, 2011! 
Yesterday, my brother and I were chatting about the Back to the Future Movies, and he said one was set in 2015...where are our flying cars, yo? We've got four years to bust them out. 
2010 was a milestone year for me. I welcomed a new travel companion into the world, and wow, is my life a good way, of course. Before I had a baby, I had always hoped to be really mobile with my child, and The Pickle is a trouper. (He's actually helping me type this, which is why an early draft published before I was finished.)
Here's a recap of 2010:
  • I survived first-trimester nausea on a work trip to Chicago
  • I took a road trip to D.C. while still hiding my bump. I discovered my new prego bladder-emptying threshold (every 45 minutes)
  • Phil and I took an amazing babymoon to Key West
  • Dylan and I took our first trip together to Dallas (it was a blast, but I came home exhausted)
  • I took my first work trip to NYC and endured the pain in the ass of mobile pumping (airport bathrooms blow for this)
Here's what's coming up in 2011:
I'd love to take an international trip with Dylan...can you imagine how cute his passport will be?! There are two possibilities for this: a Morocco trip with Sarah or somewhere in the Caribbean for a friend’s destination wedding. Fun!
Most likely, I'll have multiple Vegas trips, both for work and fun (Phil and his best friends will be celebrating their 40th this year). Dolla dolla bills, y'all!
Happy travels to you all!