Thursday, January 28, 2010

Freezing in Chicago

Dear lord, I have not been this cold in ages. Today reminded me why I shell out the cash I do to park in the building where I work as opposed to making the frigid seven-minute walk I used to in exchange for parking in a cheaper garage. Walking in -2 degrees totally blows. But, I'm in Chicago - a city I haven't visited in five years - and at least it was sunny today.

The last time I was here was when I was at my previous job promoting the CMJ Rock Hall Music far, the most fun I've had working. I was in charge of street teams who visited cities within a five-hour driving radius of Cleveland to promote the three-day music festival that featured 100 bands. We visited zillions of music stores, college campuses and clubs. I ate at yummy restaurants like The Bongo Room (thanks Michelle!) and Topolobampo.

So, although January isn't my ideal time to visit, I still had fun today. I had lunch at Park Grill in Millennium Park (directly below the bean) and watched ice skaters while I dined with a WSJ reporter. And, I tried a new Rick Bayless restaurant, Xoco (which I still don't know how to pronounce) with a friend. Xoco is a cozy joint with a delightful short rib torta (Mexican sandwich) and killer churros.

Two pieces of advice: if you fly to O'Hare, consider taking the train downtown because cab far is more expensive than NYC ($60 vs. $2.25 on the train). And, if you ride the train in the city, will be your best friend because it gives you walking and public transportation directions. I heart hopstop and use it faithfully when I travel to the cities it covers.

Tomorrow includes another busy, chilly day (thank goodness for ear muffs). Visiting the Tribune for a meeting will likely be the extent of my sightseeing. I'll just have to come back once the weather breaks!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Wanderlust

New year, same infatuation with planning trips.

In 2009, I did so-so achieving my travel resolutions. I went on nine trips, four fewer than 2008, and I didn’t hit any new states. However: JAPAN. The Krispy Kreme Challenge and our March Madness trips were also really fun (and both were with Phil).

Bunches of you have been suggesting that I post more frequently -- not just when I go on trips -- so I’m going to work on that. Let me know what you’d like to read about…maybe your own trips and adventures? Lemme know! (And, if you'd like to guest post, drop me a line.)

Right now, I am scheming like crazy to get Phil to agree to a beach vacay for our third anniversary in April. (The pic above is from our honeymoon in Punta Cana.) I’m really digging Key West. If you’ve got any suggestions or hear of any travel deals, send them along!

I'm headed to Chicago in a couple weeks, a city I've been meaning to get back to since it's been five years. And, some friends from India have offered to let us tag along the next time they go home, so I will be ALL OVER that. Maybe this year, maybe next. I told Phil I will go with or without him (even though they are his friends from work).We'll see!