Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pickle shots & writing on the "real" Facebook wall

Yesterday was a fun travel day. Since I've been in this job for the past year or so, when I travel to NYC, I pretty much stick to Tribeca since that's where our office is based. Yesterday brought me to Midtown for a brainstorm at Facebook's NYC office, so I rode the subway in the city for the first time in a WHILE. Took the fun way home via Grand Central Station and Times Square and bought the Pickle a mini #6 train from a toy store in Grand Central.

Facebook's NYC office is pretty much what you'd expect: high-energy and creative with hilarious conference room names (think Shake Weight) and lots of young execs flitting from place to place. Got to autograph the Facebook wall above and dine in the cafe.

No late-night work session, so I had drinks with co-workers, including a crazy, never-to-be-consumed-again shot: the Pickleback. What is it? Jameson chased by pickle juice. Totally disgusting and I swear I still tasted it in the middle of the night. I detest pickles (except my favorite 2-year-old), but peer pressure sucked me in.

Capped off the night with a trio of yummy cookies from Milk Bar and attempted to star spot since The Other Woman is filming literally right outside my hotel. No luck. :(