Friday, August 16, 2013

Tips for 36 Hours in Hilton Head – Plus Some Additions

We’ve been back from Hilton Head for a couple weeks, and I’m still talking about it! A good, long vacation is so amazing because you get a chance to truly let go. Incidentally, when we were on our trip, The New York Times published one of its 36 hours stories for Hilton Head. We hit a lot of places mentioned like Coligny Beach and Coligny Plaza (where we biked often), Frozen Moo for yummy ice cream, the Harbour Town Lighthouse Museum, and Daniel’s for nighttime outdoor music and drinks. 

Here’s a list of things I would add to that itinerary:

Frosty Frog Cafe (Frosty's) – AHMAZING frozen drinks and kid-friendly during the day

Old Fort Pub – delish, fancy meal with great views

Reilley’s – lobsters on Mondays for $12.95

Gregg Russell’s kids’ show under the big oak tree in Harbour Town

Live music in Coligny Plaza (so close to where we stayed in South Forest Beach)

Clockwise: Old Fort Pub, Reilley's, Frosty's

In addition, bike riding is a huge part of the culture of Hilton Head…there are trails and families on bikes everywhere. Tandems, babies on the back, trailers – we saw them all and tried all but the tandem bikes.

This trip was really active for us. Each morning, since our fam was usually the first ones up, I would scoop them up so we didn’t wake up the whole house and head out for some exercise to kill two birds with one stone. Usually, I’d push them in the stroller or bike with D on the back up to the beach and then run/bike in the sand (soooooo hard) on the way back.
D rode his bike two miles to lunch & back; my morning jogging buds
My friend Kim also organized outings a couple mornings a week for the girls to bike to a barre class and back (with a stop for coffee and some goodies).

Oh, what I’d do for a little surf and sand right now…

Friday, August 2, 2013

Are we there yet? – How to survive 12 hours in the car with 2 kids under 3

Our cheery backseat drivers
I have to admit – I was anticipating some serious traumatization during our lonnnng drive to Hilton Head with D, who will be three next week, and S, who just turned one. For sure, I knew that Phil was dreading the drive. But, I’m happy to report that both of them pleasantly surprised us and were complete angels – even when our first day of driving turned into 12 hours on the road from crazy traffic.

Our secrets?

Splitting up the drive over two days, each way. Each time, we left in the morning and drove during daylight. I know others like to drive overnight, but this worked well for us.

Lots of snacks (graham crackers were our go-to distraction for the baby).

Stops for lunch and dinner so they could stretch their legs.

Lots of toys:

A mosquito-bitten Pickle with his sticker pad and Real Guitar app

I honestly can’t recall any moments of feeling frazzled from backseat craziness – just traffic during the drive down. To combat those moments of frustration, we turned to Waze. Pretty cool to get real-time info from other drivers and even have the opportunity to message with them. 

Screen cap of Waze, a super helpful traffic app
 Totally would get in the car with these two again for a long haul!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

"We're the three best friends..."

How lucky am I?!

I saw three of my BFFs during our amazeballs HHI vacation.

Kim (top left) organized our HHI trip (thank you!!!!)

Jen hosted us in Charlotte during our drive home (she's in the upper right with D during a live music show)

Sarah flew into HHI a few days early just to spend time with us since her fam vacay there started the Saturday that we left. This was the first time our hubs and littlest babies met.

Love these girls and was glad to get time with them!!!