Saturday, March 20, 2010

2011 March Madness takes a spin through Cleveland

Even though right now I am in severe bracket mourning (effing Kansas), I'm pumped that next year's tourney will make a stop in Cleveland for the first and second rounds. Find the 2011 schedule here.

We had a blast in Dayton last year and got to watch two of my favorite teams: Ohio State and Louisville. If you're interested in scoring tickets, start stalking the NCAA site once the championship game in Indianapolis is over. Last year, you could apply for tickets about two weeks after the end of the tournament. I detailed instructions about how we scored our tickets in this post, in case you're interested.

Hope your brackets are faring better than mine. :(


  1. Since we won't be competing against each other for tickets (Denver is hosting some of the first two rounds next year too) I'll share this with you :) The other day I saw something that said ticket applications will be released on the NCAA website on Monday (3/22). Not sure if that is for all first round sites (Denver, Cleveland, etc.) or just Denver.

  2. Thanks. Someone else mentioned that too. And, I'd like to believe that you still would have told me even if we were competing against each other for tix! :)