Friday, August 27, 2010

Tips for seeing Tokyo on a budget

Love this USA Today article that highlights what to see and where to stay in Tokyo when you're on a budget. I definitely concur that it's worth the experience to stay in a ryokan and travel the intricate subway system. In terms of sights, the Tsukiji fish market is one not to miss, the Imperial Palace grounds are beautiful and you can't go wrong exploring the plethora of temples. Don't forget to karaoke in your own private room...I promise that you'll find your cojones!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Travel by DVD

Since I'm holed up at home (for the most part) while I wait for Mingus to make his/her arrival, I've been watching A LOT of movies. (I don't think I can bring myself to read anymore baby books without making myself crazy.) I've come to realize, which really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, that my favorites all feature destinations. A couple have pregnancies or births as part of the plot, too (nice bonus as I try to appeal to Mingus). Here's what's on my play list:

Under the Tuscan Sun: Italy
Memoirs of a Geisha: Kyoto
Woman on Top: Brazil/San Francisco
Gladiator: Rome
Troy: Greece (I need to go!)
Chocolat: France
Sense & Sensibility: England

I also recently discovered the show Sam Brown's Asia on The Travel Channel, and I am IN LOVE. Can't wait to see the episodes on Thailand and Japan so I can relive my trips.

Since Phil pretty much hates most of those girly movies and the Asia show :) I'm looking forward to having Mingus be my built-in travel partner, but he/she needs to come out first. C'mon Mingus!