Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Racing blues

Image from NC State

At a party on Saturday (my friend Alexa's Fluorescent February soiree), I chatted with a few girls about fun races. (Click the link to see my ridiculous day-glo fuzzy boots from the party.) During our convo, I realized that this is the first winter I haven't been training for a race. No wonder I weigh my most lbs. ever.

I've done some great races. I ran a half-marathon in Vegas in 2003. It was supposed to be an easy course that's mostly flat or downhill, but my race featured 55 mph winds to the tune of porta-potties rolling down the streets (no joke). But, it was in Vegas. Nuff said.

Since then, I've run mostly 5ks in the winter time. I like quirky races like the Arnold Classic Pump and Run in Columbus and the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh that I did last year.

Not long after Phil and I started dating, we decided to do the Pump and Run together, which entails bench pressing followed by a 5k. Women have to bench 70 percent of their body weight, so my goal was always to get one rep (seriously). I ran my best time the first time I competed in 2005, but I didn't lift a rep until 2008.

You all know how the Krispy Kreme Challenge went last year. (Incidentally, I found out about that race at the Pump and Run in 2008.) I was a big talker, but not big enough of an eater and only finished eight of my dozen donuts (but I did run all four miles). Phil checked the stats from this year's race a couple weeks ago and only 65 women completed the event compared to 850 men (4 miles + 12 donuts in 60 minutes or less). Whoa. Guess there's always next year...

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