Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NYC 5th Avenue Holiday Windows

During this biz trip, I had about a 30-minute break each day to walk outside. That's not enough time to shop (Phil is rejoicing), so I settled for second-best: window shopping. Luckily, this is the best time of year to do so since the department stores go all out with their holiday displays. Plus, this article in the Times, which previewed the windows, got me in the mood.

I didn't make it to Barneys or Bergdorf, but here are highlights from Cartier, Saks, Fendi and Hollister. 

 Love, love, love the big red ribbon on Cartier's building. Big gold boxes that opened and closed with jewelry inside were in the windows.

A snippet of the windows at Saks, which were very whimsical. There was a light show at night, but I missed it. Sorry for the bad photo. At least you get a glimpse of me in the reflection! :)

Fendi's display was my favorite! The lights looked like icicles dripping.

While not Christmasy, Hollister's giant panel of a live feed of California waves was pretty cool.

Happy holidays! Any big trips planned to close out 2010?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to work and back on the road

I've been back at work for a month, and today was my first biz trip (and the longest time I've been away from The Pickle). I'm in NYC for an overnight, and so far, so good. The weather forecasters freaked me out a little last night because of the anticipated snowfall in Cleveland, but my trip to the airport and flight were smooth. Fingers crossed for an easy trek home tomorrow night. 

Initially, I thought about having Phil bring the baby, but then I realized I'd have little free time and that flight prices were astronomical (I bought my ticket not long ago). I'm glad he's not here because all of the little kiddies I see bundled up make me cringe. They look like little icicles. Poor peanuts.

It's been more than a year since I've been in the Big Apple, and I'm glad to be back. (Seeeee. I told you I'd still want to travel.) However, I think I lost my mojo when it comes to basking in unseasonably warm weather here in late November/early December. It is COLD.

Today I had only 30 minutes of free time so I wandered by Rockefeller Center and Radio City to see the trees. I remember walking by there a couple years ago in December and taking off my wool coat because it was so warm. Not this trip. No sir.

I was reading old NYC posts and came across this one about my favorite places to Christmas shop while in the city. I am a creature of habit! Today I stopped in the MOMA Design Store and I'm hoping to at least get a peak at the holiday shops at Bryant Park. And, I dined at an old standby for dinner, Buddakhan. Hooray for edamame dumplings and rock shrimp! I love taking people there and it was perfect because my client was staying in Chelsea.

During my walk, I saw some pretty holiday windows at the big stores. I hope to see more tomorrow and share some pics. Tis the season!