Friday, July 10, 2009

Cheesehead Summer

Last night, Phil(!) and I booked a trip to Milwaukee to visit his grad school buddies. They've stayed with us twice over the past four years and yet we've never been to visit them in Howards Grove.

That trip falls on the heels of my lumberjack vacay with my friend Sarah in Hudson/Hayward, so I'm dubbing the next couple months as my Cheesehead Summer. Cheese curds, mmmmm!

I'm down with vacationing in the Midwest during our warm months because you can't beat the weather. And, let's face it, California, Vegas, the southern hemisphere, etc. is made for November-March visits anyway when it's cold and gray in Cleveland.

We'll actually only be in Milwaukee proper for a day, so if you've been, please send some ideas on what to see and do. I'd love to know of a great lunchtime spot, cool brewery to visit, galleries, shops, etc. Someone mentioned a Frank Lloyd Wright house that I want to look into. Suggest away!


  1. Christina - the university area we went to is on the city's upper east side, near UW-Milwaukee. Not sure whether the Thai place is still there (it HAS been a while...) but the neighborhood just east of N Oakland is where we happened upon the FLW house, like one or two blocks east of the little commercial area. Many pretty homes, nice walkabout territory (then...he said, with cold feet...).

    However, there is a Wright in Wisconsin site that lists area houses. the one we found, we're convinced, was pure kismet. We also were there in early August, when the Jazz Festival was on, and that was great too.

    Milwaukee was quite reminiscent of Cleveland, especially the great, green landscape and the influence of the lake.

    Things we're sworn to do the next time there? The Miller Brewing tour, the Harley Davidson tour, a game at Miller Park (we were there the last season of County Stadium), and a more lengthy visit to the museum.

    Have fun!

  2. Thanks, Sean, for the great suggestions!

  3. i have friends going up there in late august or early september. i know they are visiting a few breweries and that's it.

  4. Thanks, Allison. Lots of people are mentioning the UP and breweries.