Monday, July 13, 2009

Shabu-shabu in Cleveland?

I miss udon noodles from Japan oodles (sorry, couldn't resist) and shabu-shabu even more. Gina and I thought we could score shabu-shabu in our own backyard at Ariyoshi on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights, but, alas, they recently changed their menu and shabu-shabu didn't make the cut.

No other leads so far. If you know of a destination in Greater Cleveland, please pass it along!


  1. Christina, I and my dining companions just had dinner this evening at Dante' in Tremont. After dinner, they gave us a tour of Gingko, Dante's planned Japanese-themed (sushi, noodles, and two shabu-shabu tables) that will open this summer in the lower level under the main restaurant. Thought you'd want to know.....

    By the way, if you're on Facebook, come on over to the NEo Foodies Group page on FB, where a lot of foodies and food industry folks post to converse and discuss all things food, wine and beer, among other things. We'd love to see you there. Kay

  2. Kay, thanks SO much for the tip!