Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raspberry Island Lighthouse on Lake Superior

Today, we drove an hour to Bayfield for a boat ride on Lake Superior to Raspberry Island where we toured the 1864 lighthouse. I was surprised we were able to climb all the way to the top since the stairs/ladder were a little treacherous. The view from the top was great! The light is now automated and powered by solar.

Sarah, Ella and I hiked the length of the island (about a mile) on the official "road" from way back when, which equated to a narrow trail, sometimes outfitted with a boardwalk. We wanted to get to the beach at the end and dip our toes in the cold water. We had just enough time to make it there and back at a bustling pace. Resilient, seven-months-pregnant Sarah hiked back with two-year-old Ella on her shoulders.

I guess it rained in Hayward all day, but we had a beautiful day in Bayfield. We went to the art festival right by the water (yay). And, the one time it poured, we were inside a deli grabbing our lunch, so we were lucky to get good weather karma.

Tonight, we're staying at Sarah's cousin's cabin, which is right down the street from the one we stayed in last night.

Tomorrow, we head back to Hudson to Sarah's for some fun on the river.

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