Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lumberjack vacay

Woo hoo! Just booked a trip to see my friend Sarah, who lives in Hudson, Wis., and works in downtown Minneapolis, Minn. Sarah and I haven't seen each other since our San Francisco meet-up last Labor Day weekend.

The weekend I'm visiting is when the Lumberjack World Championships are scheduled in Hayward, Wis. I'm absolutely fascinated by logrolling (ESPN covers it), so I'm really hoping we can watch some events while we chomp on cheese curds.

My flight cost me $5 since I used my miles, so this trip is definitely recession-proof. And, Sarah's cousins have a cabin in Hayward since they participate as competitors, so we most likely can stay with them.

This should make for an absolutely hilarious weekend! Someone find me a flannel tank top, stat!

Time to go sharpen my ax...

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