Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mom and me morning in St. Pete

How would you like to start your morning off with this on your plate? I had my earliest brunch ever at 8 a.m. since the Pickle woke up early and Phil was off fishing with the groom and groomsmen.

I consulted Trip Advisor for yum St. Pete Beach breakfast spots and got Beverly's and Frog Pond as recs. Since they're across the street from each other, I figured we'd see which one struck our fancy upon arrival.

We ended up at Beverly's La Croisette, and I ordered the fantastic blueberry, banana and pecan pancake. It was huge and served me well as leftovers for lunch.

At the intersection next to Beverly's there was a fun fresh market on Corey Street, which houses a bunch of art galleries. We browsed and looked longingly at the gourmet hot dog food truck, but we had just stuffed our faces and definitely were not hungry.

I figured we'd save Frog Pond for another morning. The rehearsal dinner is at Mad Fish tonight, which looks fun, so I'm excited.

How often do you see a retro diner and palm trees that serves upscale seafood? Yum!

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