Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Live music: a lifesaver when dining out with tots on vacation

The Pickle's initials are DJK...it's no coincidence that DJ is part of his initials since this kid loves to dance! He particularly enjoys live music. (Maybe attending a Lady Gaga concert 9 months pregs inspired him in utero?)

On Saturday, we stopped at a little Cuban place for some al fresco dining and live music. It was past Dylan's bedtime, but since he was infatuated with the performers, he held up well.

He also did pretty well at the wedding reception last night because of other little minis running around and the steel drums. He even started a toddler congo line!

Toddler travel tip: if you need to keep the kiddos up past their bedtime for dinner, find a restaurant with live music. Works for us!

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