Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whew! An easy flight

I'm so relieved! Dylan was an angel on our flight and everyone from start to finish at both airports was so kind and helpful. From the parking attendant at CLE who let Phil park and walk in with me to security, to the gate agent who moved us to a row with no one else seated in it to the two guys on my flight who helped me prepare and unpack the stroller for gatechecking...awesome karma!

I was a bit intimidated about navigating the airport with all of our gear, but it ended up fine.

On our flight, we chair danced to the new Jimmy Eat World album Phil got me for my birthday. Dylan LOVES Jimmy Eat World. I actually first felt him kick while jammin to Praise Chorus during my D.C. trip in March back when he was Mingus.

Here's hoping for a great return flight too!

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