Friday, October 22, 2010

A happier baby, a sculpture garden & shopping

I got my baby back! Today, I focused more on keeping him on his "schedule" and keeping myself hydrated and less stressed. He was a happy kiddo! 

We visited the Nasher Sculpture Center, which displays art indoors and outside on grounds in the heart of downtown Dallas. The outdoor portion of the Nasher is carefully nestled within a grove of lovely trees. You forget you're outside until you peek through the branches and see skyscrapers. Dallas' arts organizations are clustered together, but according to Sarah's mom, there's a shortage of nearby restaurants. I would have liked to have seen the Asian museum across street and Dallas Museum of Art next door, but we had to defer to the babies. :) 

After the Nasher, Sarah and I got dropped off at the mammoth North Park Mall, which is a mecca of designer labels and baby stores. I restrained myself and only bought a present each for Dylan, Phil and me...OK two presents for me, but it is my birthday month.

Sarah, ever my mom role model, suggested I try facing Dylan outward in his wrap since he can hold his head up...he loved it! I kept hearing him coo and Sarah said he was smiling up a storm.

We utilized Nordstrom's women's lounge to feed him before shoe shopping. I measured my feet..still the same size! Dylan passed out again in the magical wrap, so we went to the locally owned Blue Mesa for dinner...he slept like an amgel while I chowed down goat cheese enchiladas. We headed home for a low key night, and I was so relieved he had returned to his usual charming self cuz I wad so frazzled last night.

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