Monday, October 25, 2010

Tips for traveling with an infant

Since amazing moms like my friend Sarah and bloggers I read like Baby Making Machine inspired me to take my Dallas trip with Dylan, I wanted to pass along some tips for traveling with a baby that worked for me...

Comfort your baby - Feed him on your flights during takeoff and landing to help his ears adjust to the change in pressure. Consider wearing a wrap to keep him close to you and give you free hands when you need it.

Protect your gear - I bought a stroller bag and big plastic bag to protect my stroller and car seat from rough handling. I also asked to gave my stroller hand-screened when we went through security so I didn't have to maneuver it on the conveyor belt (P.S. Don't dress baby in a hoodie or shoes since both will need to be removed in the security line. Seriously. See here.)

Ask for help when you need it and accept help when it's offered - It would have taken me FOREVER to fold my stroller and put it in the bag if kind strangers hadn't offered to help.

Arrive early to check in at your gate - Befriend the gate agent and flight attendant and ask if there's a row free so you can have some extra room and privacy if you're nursing.

Get over nursing in public - I was DREADING this, but it ended up being fine. No one cares and it's less of a big deal if you remember you need to do what's best for your baby. With that said, I'm a weirdo and am more comfortable nursing in front of strangers v. people I know.

Stay hydrated - this is easy to forget to do when you travel. Remember to take care of yourself despite being extra focused on your kiddo.

Make the baby the focus of your schedule -  Know that he'll need you even more than usual. For that same reason, keep your schedule light on your first day of travel and clear your calendar when you return since he might need to readjust yet again. 

Good luck!

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