Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby overload at the Arboretum

So, the morning was amazing...a great flight and even a great lunch at Afrah, a mediterranean cafe with yummy eats and hookah pipes. Dylan slept in the magic wrap through lunch and then pretty much didn't sleep again.

We visited the beautiful Dallas Arboretum with our stroller twins but Dylan didn't want to ride in stroller so he mostly stayed in the wrap while I pushed the stroller like a chump. We saw a bazillion brides taking photos on the grounds...Texas is really big on bridal portraits...and a bunch of girls taking pics for their quinceanera. One girl even posed with a matching miniature doll of herself...seriously. 

Dylan was super fussy the rest of today. I hope he gets back on track tonight. It's unnerving to hear your baby cry, particularly when you're not at home and fear you're inconveniencing others. Sarah keeps telling me that I'm more sensitive to it than others, which I'm sure is true, but I hope he feels more comforted tomorrow.


  1. Christina, Sarah is right. You are way more aware of Dylan's fussing than others around you are. If you relax, he'll relax!

    Have fun!