Friday, April 10, 2009

Tsukiji fish market

Note to self: don’t plan to get up early to visit the fish market to see 300 lb. tuna the morning after a night of karaoke and sake.

But, I give us props for shuttling out the door by 7:30 a.m. The auction was long over, but we still admired/feared the hustle and bustle of vendors preparing their fresh catches for restaurants all over the city.

Navigating the market was a bit like playing Frogger (see video below)…you zig and zag around the motorized flatbeds zipping down aisles while avoiding splashes of fish water at your feet from vendors emptying coolers.

The stink was detectable immediately upon exiting our subway car. P-U! By the way, Gina and I were packed like sardines on the train. Only the women-only cars (offered during morning rush hour) provided any kind of relief from personal space impositions.

We didn’t stay long at the fish market…the frantic pace and unattractive odor were a bit much for our tired bodies and hungry bellies.

I’ll tell you this: about the only thing I won’t miss from this trip is Japanese breakfasts…your choices: raw egg or omelet. Because I despise breakfast eggs, I’ve relied on granola bars for the past 10 days. C’mon waffles and pancakes!!!


  1. Ack, I am not a fan of breakfast eggs either. Were there no bakeries??

  2. The Japanese are Francophiles, so there actually were quite a bit of bakeries.