Thursday, April 9, 2009


My only regret with the timing of our Japan trip is that I had to miss the Rock Hall inductions on April 4…particularly since I was asked to help coordinate media that night and my favorite travel writer came to town to cover the event. So, Gina and I pledged that we would try karaoke in honor of missing the inductions.

It was so much more fun than I expected! We visited Karaoke Kan, which is the site immortalized in Lost in Translation. You get your own room for karaoke and pay $8 per hour per person…a steal!

Turns out we are TERRIBLE singers. I’d like to believe that lots of sake contributed to our poor skills. We belted out tunes from George Michael, Beyonce, The Cars, Guns n Roses and also tried our hand at a couple Japanese slow sounds when we incorrectly entered digits on the remote for song selections.
We stayed out past midnight, which means we finally acclimated to the time difference. It figures that we head home tomorrow...

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