Thursday, December 11, 2008

Phil vs. Christina

Pop quiz:

What made Phil happiest on this San Diego trip?
a) ambushing me w/ a pillow bolster from our hotel room (knights could have used this thing to ram down castle doors)
b) scoring tasty taffy with unusual flavors by the seaside
c) downing Mr. Pibb in excess (a Cleveland rarity) in the Houston airport
d) it's a toss-up
a) Sunday's Wine Steals extravaganza (including my bacon chocolate bar)
b) my trek to see the kimono exhibit
c) convincing Phil to ride a girlie, side-by-side bike at Coronado
d) can't make up my mind

If you guessed "d" for both, you're right on, which I suppose means we're both indecisive (or Phil is less of a pessimist than he thinks). Notice that choices for both of us included torturing one another. That's love, baby.

So is traipsing through two effing terminals to find Mr. Pibb for your one and only...not just any kind of Mr. Pibb, mind you...Mr. Pibb from a fountain. I suppose it's fair for all the times he comes home with icees to my sheer joy.

Hopefully we'll be out of Houston soon after a delay in San Diego this morning...apparently it snowed here last night and Texans don't know how to deal with snow. I told you I have bad luck with de-icers!

P.S. This airport has way too many motorized carts. Every 30 seconds, I hear "carrrrt pleeeeease" in some carnival voice. Annoying.

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