Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sundance celebs

Whew! It's day four of Sundance, and I can barely catch my breath -- partially from the altitude but mostly from the crazy pace of managing a client's social media presence during the film festival. Hilariously, I'm not sure if I'll see a single film while I'm here. But, I have seen my share of celebs!

Celebs from client events and parties
Roll call of everyone I've run into:

Alicia Keys
Ed Burns
Naomi Watts
Jessica Biel aka Mrs. Timberlake
Alfred Moreno
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tony Danza
Neon Hitch
Allison Janney
Rosemarie DeWitt
Ron Livingston
Ellen Page
Josh Radnor
Brie Larson
Michael Cera

But, out of all, here's my favorite little star:

Lots of amazing eats and VIP parties too! 

Love how Phil helps me to keep it all real :)

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