Saturday, January 14, 2012

Prego bellies reunited in San Francisco

Phil and I love to get out of the Cleveland cold in the winter and head west or south. Although we haven't had much of a winter yet in Cleveland, it still was great to get some California sunshine. Today we scored a 66-degree day!

We kept things low-key today after our LONG flight. We grabbed lunch and then lounged at our hotel before meeting up with a newly transported friend, Corena, to San Francisco. She's due in a couple weeks, so you can see a big difference between our bellies. So fun watching our boys play together at her place! How she navigates the giant hill she lives on while being nine months prego, I have no idea.

The Pickle did really well on the flight. He cried a little during the last 20 minutes since his ears were bothering him. I have never been more thankful for no flight delays in my life since the five-hour-plus flight is long enough! We've been really fortunate to avoid weather disasters during our trips, with the exception of our 2008 Vegas trip (at least we were stuck where it was warm).

Even though the last time I came to San Francisco, I traveled with my friend Sarah and her mini, I still wasn't quite prepared mentally for how different it is to travel with a child. Usually I'm a turbo trip planner, but this time I prepped like crazy for the flights (you should have seen my bag of tricks for the Pickle) and left our itinerary up in the air. I have to remind myself that realistically, we can only tackle one or two things a day. It was a giant pain today trying to find elevators to accommodate the stroller for access to public transporation. Phil and I carried the Pickle up LOTS of steps. Sarah has made it all look so easy!

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