Monday, January 16, 2012

Cable cars, Musee Mecanique & puke

As soon as we bought a one-day pass for the cable and street cars (literally), Dylan threw up in his stroller. Thankfully I carry a mess of bibs and wipes in the diaper bag so we could clean him up and then head back to our hotel nearby. He took a long nap and we knew we needed to leave the hotel at some point to get our room cleaned, so we crossed our fingers and took a cable car ride. Dylan seemed to be doing OK, so we rode it to the wharf and visited the quirky Musee Mecanique, which I liked from my last trip.

Dylan got to run around and Phil watched an old XXX reel. I watched the same one last time, and it featured a woman beating the crap out of a guy. Ha!

I bought a crab cake on the pier and we rode the cable car back to the hotel. Once we got back, Dylan started running a fever. I have never been more aware of how far we are from home and how long the flight is to get there. :(

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