Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do-nut try this at home

Um, remember when I said I was going to win the female category for fastest donut-eating split? I was an idiot. I couldn't even finish all 12 donuts.

My appetite street cred has taken a dive, but I'm pretty happy that I finished 256 out of 448 women in the race (5,038 participants total). The winner was a 20-year-old guy who finished in less than 30 minutes. That is insane. Only 2,100 out of 5038 actually successfully completed the challenge (4 miles, 12 donuts all within 60 minutes).

As you can imagine, there were lots of funny characters. The pic above is of a bunch of kids who chestpainted themselves "SportsCenter" to catch the attention of the ESPN camera crew. I saw more than one of them hurling on the side of the road during the run back.

The race organization was pretty good considering there were 5,000 competitors, but it took a few minutes to get our donuts, and it was tough to find water, which was not cool.

After our first two miles, just as we got into the Krispy Kreme parking lot, some guy ran out, already starting the last leg of the race. However, his donuts did not go with him.

As we were eating, I had the perfect opportunity to get a guy on film as he was erupting (eyes glazed over, gagging), but I put my camera back in my pocket because I felt bad for him (sorry, Kevin). I would be horrified if anyone captured me looking like that.

It was a struggle to get down 8 donuts. I started gagging, and I knew it was it for me. Phil finished all 12. What a champ! We watched people smash their donuts into pancakes, stack them up and chomp em. Everyone had a different strategy.

The last two miles of the race were a combo of running, slowing down to burp, stopping to hold back a barf and then starting up again. Not my best moments.

After the race, I felt like ass, and could not stop brushing my teeth to get rid of the sugar taste. (No, I did not puke.) But, I felt better when I woke up after a two-hour sugar coma during the drive to Charlotte.

I used to LOVE glazed donuts...not no more. OK, let's be least not today.

P.S. The N.C. sunshine is fantastic and heals all ills. We're having a blast with Jen and Matt! I even kept my Luna streak going with a fun purchase last night. Jen & I wish you were here, Zone!

UPDATE: included an excerpt from this post in the "what local bloggers are saying" section. And, Channel 3 ran a story yesterday about the race.

UPDATE 2: Watch this hilarious video from ESPN.


  1. i was following your twitter when you were doing this and i fine it hilarious!

    congrats on finishing.

    maybe next year i'll just participate in the donuts eating part.

  2. Christina,

    I came across your blog after The Plain Dealer mentioned it. Enjoyed a number of your posts.

    Wanted to comment and say hi. Congratulations!

    a.k.a. The Constant Complainer

  3. A, I'm glad my discomfort gave you the giggles.

    TCC, thanks for checking out my posts (and not complaining about it). :)

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