Saturday, December 5, 2009

Breaking in City Center

We booked this trip a few months ago via Southwest vacations (it was a steal!), and so far, everything’s been going well. I was excited to learn that City Center was scheduled to open during our trip, so we headed over to explore as soon as we checked into our hotel.

City Center is located in between Bellagio and Monte Carlo and there’s a tram that takes you through the 67-acre complex. I thought it stopped at each site, but it’s pretty much a straight line between Bellagio and Monte Carlo with a stop at Crystals, one of the six new buildings.

I wanted to see Aria, but it wasn’t open yet. It’s the only hotel in the complex with a casino, and I wanted to break it in. It’s gold LEED certified and looked beautiful inside. And, apparently, there are no floors 40-49 because the hotel doesn’t want to spook potential Chinese gamblers (the number four in Chinese sounds like the word for death).

Crystals is filled with lux boutiques, including the nation’s largest Louis Vuitton and Prada stores. It’s funky, contemporary shape reminds me of Case’s Peter B. Lewis building.

The buildings were beautiful, but I guess I was expecting more after all of the hype. Maybe once everything’s fully open it will wow, but we were a little underwhelmed.

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