Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back at the tables

Ah, Vegas! It’s not much warmer here in Cleveland, but we’re not complaining. We’re enjoying staying in the center of the strip as opposed to the Wynn or The Venetian – where we usually stay – since everything feels so much closer.

So far, we’re doing pretty good via Pai Gow Poker and this fun spin-the-wheel slots game, but I made a bonehead error before dinner. We always play the bonus on Pai Gow hands because you have the opportunity to win a lot if you get good hands even if you don’t bet a lot. I got distracted and forgot to play the bonus for a hand, and wouldn’t you know it, but I got four Jacks and lost out on an extra $40. I’m still smacking myself.

We had an amazing dinner at craftsteak in the MGM Grand, a steakhouse Phil heard about a few months ago and made a reservation (this is a first!). I had yummy shortribs and Phil had the surf ‘n turf: filet mignon with scallops. Mmm!

I’ve ridden the Monorail only once before, but it came in handy tonight since we stayed at the tables too long and had to rush to dinner from our hotel. The sidewalks and streets were packed, but we zipped over in about 10 minutes and made our reservation on the dot.

I’m ready to turn in, but Phil is still out and about at the tables…Wild Man!

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