Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness in Dayton

It's been so long that I've posted that I actually forgot my Blogger log-in this morning. Work's been insane, so I didn't even post when I had a work day trip to St. Louis last month. But, I'm back!
Phil and I are in Dayton for our first March Madness experience. Today we'll see four games: Louisville (my fave!), Ohio State (yay!), Pitt and Tennessee. All great teams. Sunday, we'll see two games featuring today's winners. If it's Louisville vs. Ohio State, I'll be faced with a real cheering conundrum and probs will clap for every play.
Last year, I had an amazing climb to victory (3rd place) in my office's March Madness pool. My first round picks all tanked, but I made up points big time because all the teams I picked were in the final four and I picked Kansas as the winner.
This year, my first round picks are still in the toilet (I picked a lot of upsets), so we'll see if I have the same luck. If not, I'll still be talking about last year's money grab for YEARS.


  1. A) Go Pitt! B) It's OK, I still talk about my victory in D&E's pool from about five years ago. C) Hope you're having a great time! D) Hi Phil!

  2. Phil and I can't stop giggling about your username! My bracket's not busted yet, but Phil's is probs worse since he had Wake Forest in his final four. Go CSU!