Saturday, March 21, 2009

OSU Heartbreaker

Phil and I watched some amazing games yesterday, but our basketball bliss ended on a sour note after a sloppy Ohio State loss in double OT to Siena. We weren't the only ones bummed out because there was a sea of Bucks fans throughout the arena, which contributed to lots of tired, crabby drivers in the parking cluster $%*# after the game.

Despite the loss, the energy of the crowd was great! During the high points, the O-H-I-O wave circulated around the arena multiple times. At the low points, disgruntled fans kept shouting, "Give it to Mullins! He's 7-ft. That's really tall!"

There also were massive amounts of Louisville fans, which is why we were really hoping for a U of L and OSU showdown tomorrow. Oh well. Now I can cheer unconflicted for Louisville. :)

The Pitt game was really fun because of the almost upset of a #1 seed. Although we both have Pitt in our final four, we cheered for ETSU since they were the underdog.

In general, all the games have been fairly close, with the exception of the second half of Louisville/Morehead when U of L pulled away. And, Cleveland State crushed Wake Forest! Go Vikings! Thanks to everyone who kept texting me updates.

This morning, we're lounging at our hotel and then will head to Columbus later to meet up with some friends. Tomorrow, Pitt plays at 2:50 p.m. and Louisville plays at 5:20 p.m., meaning we won't get home till really late Sunday/Monday.

P.S. One of the best parts of seeing the games in-person - no lie - is watching all the guys wait in massive lines for the men's room while I breeze in and out of the ladies' room in no time. Where else could this possibly happen???

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