Friday, August 2, 2013

Are we there yet? – How to survive 12 hours in the car with 2 kids under 3

Our cheery backseat drivers
I have to admit – I was anticipating some serious traumatization during our lonnnng drive to Hilton Head with D, who will be three next week, and S, who just turned one. For sure, I knew that Phil was dreading the drive. But, I’m happy to report that both of them pleasantly surprised us and were complete angels – even when our first day of driving turned into 12 hours on the road from crazy traffic.

Our secrets?

Splitting up the drive over two days, each way. Each time, we left in the morning and drove during daylight. I know others like to drive overnight, but this worked well for us.

Lots of snacks (graham crackers were our go-to distraction for the baby).

Stops for lunch and dinner so they could stretch their legs.

Lots of toys:

A mosquito-bitten Pickle with his sticker pad and Real Guitar app

I honestly can’t recall any moments of feeling frazzled from backseat craziness – just traffic during the drive down. To combat those moments of frustration, we turned to Waze. Pretty cool to get real-time info from other drivers and even have the opportunity to message with them. 

Screen cap of Waze, a super helpful traffic app
 Totally would get in the car with these two again for a long haul!

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