Sunday, September 27, 2009

Instant Southern party: just add water

A little rain never hurt anyone. Good thing since Phil and I came a long way to Charlotte for a quick weekend to celebrate Jen's and Matt's 30th birthdays at an outdoor party.

In all the years I have visited Jen in Charlotte (seven?), it has never, ever rained. Actually, it's always been perfect weather. Yesterday was an exception, but a hardy tent in Jen's parents' backyard kept us, her other party guests and the band nice and dry.

Jen's parents live a street away from the picturesque Lake Norman, which has an impressive 520 miles of shoreline (Phil and I learned this factoid last night from a buzzed Jen's dad...).

The party was fantastic! The wine tasting was fun, and the two-man band, Below the Belt, catered to bossy Jen's every musical one point giving her the mike for a "Don't Stop Believin" duet. And, let's face Charlotte night out is complete without Jen stealing a tambourine and tearing up the dance grass.

We capped off the night with a late-night visit to Waffle House (my first!). I devoured a chocolate-chip waffle, hashbrowns (smothered, covered, diced and peppered) and bottomless sweet tea.

I'm ready for breakfast #2 today. Oh, it's gonna be a loooooong drive home.

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