Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finally! An airport mani at XpresSpa

When I heard about the concept of XpresSpa a few years ago -- an express nail/massage salon located in airports -- I couldn't wait to try it. Obvi, CLE doesn't have one (why?), but I remembered that Philly did.

An express mani was exactly what I needed today. I started my morning in NYC, took a train from Penn Station to to Wilmington and then took a car service for a flight home from the Philly airport, where my flight was delayed. Luckily, an XpresSpa was a stone's throw from my gate.

I liked my experience at the salon (massaging recliner/relaxing mani/quick service) but when I took a closer look at my polish while back at my gate, it looks horrible...bumpy, messy, etc. And, the price was not cheap: $25 for an express polish. At least I found a new color that I like: OPI Dulce de Leche.

I still love the concept and will try it again if I get the opportunity, but next time I'll take a closer look before zening out.

Anyone else try an ExpresSpa?

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  1. It was so nice to see you happy for that nail of yours i wish i could do the same as you for my nail art.