Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girls' weekend in The Cleve

One of the downfalls about being pregs is that my traveling is starting to become limited. :( One of the benefits is that my out-of-town girlfriends are coming to visit me to see the belly firsthand. 

Jen, my favorite Southern belle from Charlotte, flew into Cleveland this past weekend, and we had a blast. But, she refused to acknowledge any of my prego sleepiness and kept me out WAAAAY later than my usual bedtime (you should be very impressed that I was out until 1 a.m. Saturday night)...which is why I look oh so tired in most photos from the weekend.

Usually I drive down to Charlotte once or twice a year to visit Jen and get my piggies out of hibernation and into flip flops. Although Jen grew up Ohio (we met at Kent State), this was her first visit staying with me.

I picked Jen up bright and early Friday morning and we headed straight to breakfast in Rocky River followed by our spa day at the Brown Aveda Institute (facials and blow outs). Then we met up with a mutual friend at Dante for a delightful dinner, grabbed drinks at Lolita and then crashed our friend's friend's 30th bday party at Reddstone in Battery Park. (I was not allowed to have a microphone during our Don't Stop Believin' karaoke performance so I rocked the blow-up guitar.)

So nice that hail the size of ice cubes decided to make an appearance during Jen's visit. Actually, with the exception of Friday afternoon, the weather blew. I guess it was payback for the last time I visited Jen in Charlotte during her birthday party monsoon.

Saturday morning, we went to Tommy's on Coventry for breakfast and to window shop the cute boutiques (Brigade, Blush, Next) since they weren't open yet. Afterward, we did some nursery shopping and then piled on more carbs at Melt (or "The Melt" as Jen kept calling it). Mmmm!

We hit Beachwood Place for some mom's day gifts, stopped home for a quick refresh and to grab Phil and then continued our gorging at Lago followed by another meet-up with a friend at 806. (We wanted to recreate my 30th birthday celebrating that Jen missed out on.)

So, dearest Jen got tastes (literally...did you see how much we ate out?) of all corners of The Cleve. Next up will be a visit from Sarah and one of her little nuggets in June. Can't wait!

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