Monday, June 15, 2009

New donut race: Deck to Dunkin

This weekend, during a discussion of interesting running races at my cousin's graduation party in Michigan, I found myself recounting Phil's and my Krispy Kreme Challenge experience...err, failure. Then, this morning, a work friend sent me the photo above as a lunch suggestion: bacon cheeseburger donuts. It reminded me that we came up with a local donut race idea a while ago since Dunkin Donuts is on our 5k training route: Deck to Dunkin.

Concept: Phil & Christina need a new deck. Christina is looking for an excuse to motivate Phil to agree to renovate said deck. An event at the Klenotic homestead could be the perfect excuse!

The pic above gave me an idea for adding a twist, so, here's the "skinny" about our new proposed 5k eating race:
  • Run 1.55 miles from Klenotic homestead to Dunkin Donuts
  • Chow 5 donuts in the parking lot, run 1.55 miles back to Klenotic homestead w last donut
  • Construct bacon cheeseburger donut masterpiece from Klenotic grill, chow down
  • Puke in Klenotic compost pile
Would you do it???