Friday, June 13, 2008

Sweet tea? No. Kentucky Hot Brown? Yes.

Traveled to Louisville yesterday for a short stint to meet up with a new client this morning. When my colleague Gary and I were planning our trip, he mentioned the client's affinity for Hot Brown, which he described as a heart-attack meal...something about mashed potatoes, bacon, cheese and other goodness that's all part of a hot sandwich. I was in!

Last night we headed to Z's Oyster Bar and Steakhouse, and there was no hot brown to be found. However, we did sample cheese browns, which were mighty delicious...pretty much a distinguished version of cheese fries. And, I really liked the Hawaiian opah (moonfish) that I tried, which was served with a sweet chilli sauce. Our server told us that the "good luck fish" was never sold by old-time Hawaiian fishermen; they always gave it away. Incidentally, for some reason, she thought it was my birthday and brought me a strawberry treat with a candle with my Kentucky Derby souffle, so I loved her.

The Derby soufflé was a concoction of chocolate brownie, pecan and bourbon and came to the table with quite the presentation, flames and all. Had I not been a tired, old lady, (and embarrassed to whip out my camera) I would have filmed it, or at least snapped a shot.

So, lunch today was my last shot to score some hot brown, and I "lucked out" at a restaurant at the airport. Gary intimated that my sandwich paled in comparison to the one he saw our client devour, but I was happy to try it all the same. Came with a Mornay sauce, which I had never heard of before and was super rich. Our server rolled her eyes when I ordered veggies and fruit as my sides...kind of an oxymoronic meal, I suppose.

Turns out Gary loves sweet tea as much as I do, but neither restaurant or our hotel served it. Our hotel receptionist said Louisville suffers from an identity crisis and sometimes thinks it's North and sometimes thinks it's South. I say that if residents say y'all, then you better be able to find sweet tea.

(To the right: different airport confiscation bin than Cleveland)

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