Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mingling with every scientist but my own

I'm an old lady.

I turned down an invite for
drinks at Envy at the Ivy Hotel so I can crash in my hotel room. To my credit, my brain is full and I've been on my feet all day (OK, except for my mani and 15-minute chair massage :)). And, my hair is frizzy.

I was at BIO all day and then attended a poolside cocktail party hosted by my client at a nearby hotel. My notepad is nearly full from all of the trends and topics gleaned from bio attorneys I've been chatting with, so I'm really glad I was able to attend the convention. At one point I was getting story ideas from three people all at once. That NEVER happens. Usually I have to drag info from these folks.

A lot of the bio attorneys I've been chatting with have chemistry degrees and Ph.Ds like my hubby, so I feel inclined to network on his behalf in case any of their client companies are looking for the next biochemist superstar. Phil grumbles when I write about him, but such is the price when he doesn't take me up on being my travel buddy. Phil, can we come back to San Diego in December for that angiogenesis conference? Please?

For lunch, I wandered back onto 5th and ate at Bondi, an Aussie joint with very cool space with interesting pods for seating. (Apparently Bondi is a popular beach and the name of the surrounding suburb in Sydney, Australia.) I tried Wagyu sliders (mini burgers), which were described as what made Bondi famous. My meal included three mini burgers with havarti, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, mustard mayonnaise and onion jam, but I declined the mayo and jam because they're sick (duh). Mustard mayonnaise is a double whammy for me because I hate mustard and mayo individually with vehemence. Basically, I am anti-condiment. However, I am now a big fan of beets on my burger.

At the end of the day, I walked a little bit of the show and noticed there were sections named after states
and countries. I was hopeful I'd find an Ohio contingent, and I finally did with the BioOhio booth. Go Cleveland biotech!

My comrades and I at the show made friends with the New Zealand booth nearby and those dear souls graciously kept dropping off wine samples from their tastings. One wine was a trophy winner in London...wonderful, but don't ask me what it's called because I don't remember.

Some of the booth gifts at the show were a bit ridiculous. Green Crocs and wooden Rubix-like cubes were the big hits. I turned down syringe way am I trying to get those through airport security... and beach balls. Finally did break down and get in line for Crocs. I learned at the booth that you can culture stem cells from fat removed during liposuction. Sign me up! I'd be happy to lose 5 lbs. in the name of science.

Tomorrow is another full day at the show, and a night to myself.

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