Friday, March 28, 2008

THANX JC for Ramos Gin Fizz

Back home after a delayed flight. Transportation was not so good over the past two days, but nowhere near the irritation of our Vegas travel delays. Both rides from/to the airport were harried, butt-clenching adventures, and on the way home tonight, I was cut off by a crappy van with the vanity plates: THANX JC. Not very Christian-like!

But, otherwise, all else was well. Bought an adorable Spring suit (on sale!) at Barami in five minutes flat on the way to a meeting this morning. Barami´s selection is trendy and reasonably priced. I bought another suit from there a few years ago, and it´s held up well. Best part of this find is that it will coordinate perfectly with my ballet kitten heels from London!

Had lunch with my favorite travel reporter at Grayz, which is housed in a swanky brownstone in Midtown. When he first suggested it, I googled the restaurant, and this line made me laugh out loud: "All walks of New York business and society gather at Grayz for important moments of their lives..." But, our meal didn´t disappoint, and Jerry introduced me to a Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail, which is like an adult, lime version of an Orange Julius. I guess it´s pretty famous in New Orleans. Very yummy. I also had good luck again with soup. This one was potato and tortellini.

Jerry just got back from a trip to Argentina to visit a winery that grows its grapes 10,000 feet above sea level. His story ran today and makes me want to visit South America. We chatted about his trips and my Europe and Vegas adventures, and he shared that his proudest moment as a journalist was when he was able to convince his editor long ago to front him $300 so he could go to Vegas and gamble and then report about it. Turns out he got up to $500 at the craps table with the help of a gaming expert and then lost it all when left to his own devices. Typical American scenario, I would venture.

I´m scheduled for a girls´ weekend in Charlotte in a couple weeks. Can´t wait!

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