Friday, May 2, 2014

Next stop: The Land of Enchantment

The kids are pumped for our trip & can't wait to use their Skootcases
I don't know what it is about New Mexico, but it has been calling to our family. I've heard "The Land of Enchantment" reference three times in the past couple of weeks and D keeps wanting to read books about hot air balloons, something Albuquerque is known for hosting. We're headed there later this month for a family trip since Phil is already going for a conference. 

I am envying my pre-parent trip planning self right now as I have made a minimal effort to plan activities for the kids and me during the day while Phil is going science bonkers. I literally have three pins on my Pinterest board:

But quality over quantity, right? If we can check out hot air balloons, swim in the rooftop pool of our hotel, drive through the mountains and catch a mariachi band, I think that's a total win. Also, I will be happy if I can finally spell Albuquerque correctly.

Any other ideas? Send them my way!

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