Sunday, June 30, 2013

Airport delays mean new airport lingo

After forgoing a gourmet dinner at a NYC restaurant for a burrito at the airport, who doesn't want to be inspired by random quotes? Not this girl! Two thumbs up to Tammy's words of wisdom colorfully highlighted in the CLE food court.

I had quite the adventure with airport delays this week (although nothing like our infamous 2008 Vegas trip). On Monday, I stuck it out for two flight cancellations and then turned around and went back home...almost before I remembered that I had checked a bag.  Because I was flying out to make a morning meeting and didn't want to be rescheduled for a flight later in the day, I had to go through a process called "deviation" to get my bag back. It boiled down to a lot of typing and some paperwork from the agent, but it was pretty painless. Definitely much better to be stuck in your own home city v. elsewhere.

I tried again to make it to NYC by rescheduling my trip for a one-day extravaganza on Thursday. Success on my morning flight, but then multiple delays/flight switching to get home. But, I did make it to my own bed that night, and before midnight to boot!

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