Friday, December 7, 2012

Sundance, here I come!

Yesterday, I booked a work trip to the Sundance Film Festival in January! When I was considering taking this job, Sundance was dangled as a potential destination, and I can't believe that it's happening!

I'll admit, I approached this trip with mixed emotions. Traveler Christina was fist pumping when I got the okay, while Mom Christina's stomach lurched thinking about how long I'd be away from my babies. I had the option to go for all 11 days, but my team and I are tag teaming, so I'll be gone for six days, which I think is a fantastic compromise (not so sure about Phil's take).

Of course, I've been preparing my wardrobe. When considering all of the parties etc., I wondered how many suitcases I'd have to pack with wardrobe options for cold weather and evening wear, but thankfully, I've learned that everything is pretty casual. So, I've got the essentials:

My boots

My coat
My muffs

I really wanted the Kate Spade tech gloves below, but I couldn't justify the price (and I worried that they wouldn't be warm enough), so I'm going to Jo-Ann it up and make my own.

I'm so excited for the films, the parties, the food, the scenery and hopefully, some celebs! I did a day trip to Park CIty when I was in Salt Lake City for the Olympics in 2002, and I'm excited to see all that's been added.

Anyone spend time at Sundance or Park City? Films you're excited about?


  1. Park City in about some skiing!?!?!

  2. Bryon, since my go-to skiiing stopping move is falling on my ass, I'm not sure how likely an option that will be! :)

  3. Worked Sundance 2003-2006, projectionist.

    Traffic and parking sucks. Avoid driving. Shuttle from SLC airport to Park City. Use Park City public transportation. It's great.

    Sensible clothing and footwear. It's January on a mountain.

    Allow a day to acclimate. My body needs a day to adjust to the altitude.

    1. Jeffry, thanks so much! Really helpful.