Friday, May 4, 2012

Out with a bang in NYC…Trump SoHo penthouse style

Since I’m 7.5 months prego, this trip was my last jaunt to NYC pre-Kabongo. It was a pretty great one! Wednesday night, we lucked out with an invitation to share a duplex terrace penthouse suite at the Trump SoHo that our colleague scored via a complimentary upgrade. Think The Hangover villa, but two stories, no tiger in the bathroom and I’m coming home with all of my teeth. This mofo goes for $7,500!!!!!!!!!

Our home away from home was the Mac Daddy of the penthouses since it was the only bi-level option with two bedrooms on separate floors, two living rooms, three bathrooms, two entrances, a kitchen, a dining area and a kickass wrap-around terrace with amazing views of the city (including a telescope focused on the Empire State Building). Oh and our couch was a Fendi.

My pics don’t do the views justice. At 2,300 sq. ft., this baby is bigger than my house. I was most excited about the ginormous tub with floor-to-ceiling views and the extra fluffy and extra- long bed pillows…both are a prego lady’s dream

Our colleague invited some work peeps over to enjoy our lux digs and the great views so this mama stayed up WAY past her bedtime. Totally worth it!

The bar has been set for hotel rooms. I challenge the universe to dazzle me at some point in my life with an option that’s even more amazing!


  1. this is beautiful.

    and i'm jealous.

    what an upgrade

  2. I know! I wish you were with us!