Friday, September 5, 2008

Wine and politics don't mix

Um, wine and politics don't mix. At dinner tonight with fellow conference attendees, my table got into a heated discussion with an attendee from Turkey (who I befriended last night in addition to Monika from fascinated with international gals) who said her country believes that Bush coordinated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Seriously. She said it's common knowledge in Turkey that Bush orchestrated Sept. 11 so he could look good. And, she said, "The trouble with American people is that they believe their government" - as if she felt sorry for us for being duped.

Honestly, I didn't take offense to the views she shared because I think her country's perspective illustrates how much is at stake with rebuilding our reputation internationally. I thought it was an interesting conversation about global perspectives, but some people at my table were REALLY offended.

And, our table was getting along so well before we talked politics, which of course, I brought up first (idiot!!!!). I don't even remember how. Oh yeah. When I said I was from Cleveland, someone at my table mentioned that Ohio will be crucial again for this election, particularly with the new Palin twist, and I mentioned how my mom caved into the Republican strategy because a woman is part of the ticket (she was crushed Hillary didn't get the Democratic nomination). Mom left me a VM today saying how great she though Palin's speech was last night, and I have to admit, Palin's a spunky, compelling speaker. It's awesome to see a woman break the political glass ceiling, but I don't agree with her politics...teaching creationism in schools, pro-NRA, drilling in Alaska, etc. I supported Hillary in the primary, but I'm inspired by Obama and will vote for him in November (don't go Republican, Mom!).

Last night and today, I've tried to engage my Turkish acquaintance in conversation with others at the conference since she confided that she's really insecure about her English and so, was kind of keeping to herself. We'll see what happens tomorrow, and I'm curious what Monika from Poland will share about her country's views (if I dare ask...this could be bad news) since she skipped dinner tonight. Lord knows what kind of comments from people I don't know might show up on this post tomorrow. Free speech, baby.

P.S. Alltel has shitty service in San Francisco, so I haven't really been able to make calls all week from my cell. I guess the cell towers are more spaced out here, so some of the cell companies don't get good service. Tonight, Phil and I had to schedule an IM date since we haven't talked all week. Hooray for technology! I'll be back home tomorrow night. Great trip, but I miss my hubby and pets.

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