Saturday, April 12, 2008

A fantastic meeting and Jazzercise car dancing

Our visit to Lowe's today was fantastic, and our hope is to return in a few weeks to make a presentation and continue our discussions. After a late lunch with Jen, we had a two-hour meeting at Lowe's in Mooresville. The campus is already impressive, but is rapidly expanding to accommodate 4,000 more employees. Lots of NASCAR paraphernalia here and there, which we knew would make our co-worker Kevin drool. Sorry, guy, but we didn't score any souvenirs for you. However, we snapped a precious photo of the three of us after our meeting. Jen's mom, Liz, also works at Lowe's (adorable), and we thought it would be hilarious for her to take our pic, however, she was in a meeting, so we conned a stray employee to take it.

Dropped off the rental car...c'mon, it would have been even more ridiculous if we drove in with Jen to our meeting since we are already staying with her...stopped home to change, and then headed to South Park for some shopping and dinner. I squealed out loud earlier this week when Jen texted me to say my favorite Charlotte boutique, Luna, is hosting a 20 percent off sale today (yessssssss). I scored a yellow dress with pockets AND a bubble hem...two of my favorite dress features for the moment. Phil will not be pleased since it a) was not free, although 20 percent off and b) is pastel. I am Queen of Pastels and Phil is Mr. Primary Colors (I lovingly refer to him as Roy G. Biv). At least we both like black.

Ate at Upstream, a yummy seafood/sushi joint, and enjoyed a poached pear salad with mixed greens, dried cherries, pears (of course), gorgonzola cheese and a delicious whipped pear dressing. Then we split a series of appetizers like dim sum, a uniquely prepared calamari dish and crab cakes. OK, so we ate a lot. Walked across the street to the Dean & DeLuca wine bar and shared a bottle of Moscato on the patio. Gorgeous weather and good company, although we were more than a little obnoxious with our storytelling around the table.

Jammed in the car on the way home (shorty got low, low, low, low...), and any time a song came on that's part of Lisa's Jazzercise repertoire, she performed for us. If JT comes on tomorrow night, we're all in trouble, but you can count on me documenting her routine on the dance floor for YouTube.

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  1. too funny

    I'm laughing at you because you referred to yourselves as Charlie's Angels.

    I would've asked you to pick me up something from that boutique, but I need a hell of a lot more than jazzercise to kick my ass into shape at this point.

    See you when you get back!